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Donna has been working alongside husband, Jim Klinge selling homes throughout San Diego County, and specializing in North San Diego County's coastal region for 20+ years.
What started out as "helping" Jim while they raised their two daughters, Kayla and Natalie, quickly turned into working as a team and now a business partnership.
Together their goal is to deliver an unparalleled customer experience whether you are selling or buying your home. Donna coordinates all aspects to help prepare homes for sale - handling all the details, streamlining the process and making it happen. While in escrow, she is in constant communication with clients to ensure they navigate that process seamlessly. The goal is to get you top dollar as a seller, ensure you pay a fair price as a buyer, and represent your interests passionately while having it be as painless and stress-free as possible.
As long standing realtors in the local market, they are known to be knowledgeable, ethical, fair and good to have on the other side of a real estate transaction.
After 16 years as Klinge Realty, Jim and Donna joined Compass July 2018.
The words of Chief Growth Officer, Rob Lehman, resonated with them, "What we're building at Compass isn't just a business; it's a movement born from a common conviction that we can elevate this industry together".
With high-tech solutions, comprehensive support, a collaborative culture and concierge service - they believed that their commitment to make the buying and selling process as easy and convenient as possible is enhanced by their relationship with Compass.
As the Klinge Realty Group, they would love to be part of your journey and story as you find your place - your home - in the world.
When not working, Donna can be found at various yoga studios throughout North County (heated and unheated). She is passionate about all of the benefits of yoga - physically, mentally and spiritually. Both of their daughters are now grown and live in Los Angeles and New York City pursuing their dreams and finding their place in the world. Travelling to see them and spend time with them will always be her first choice as to where to vacation next.
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Jim and Donna recognize that buying or selling a home is more than a business transaction—they help people change their lives! If you want a hands-on approach directed by two agents at the top of their field, reach out to the Klinge Realty Group today.