Housing Revolution

Housing Revolution

  • Jim Klinge
  • 06/1/20
Watching the nationwide unrest on television last night made me think of the potential of future conflicts. San Diego enjoys a rather mellow population but we undoubtedly have our concerns about any and all oppressed parties in America – but being physically farther away from the action makes it easier to witness, acknowledge, and then get back to our busy lives.

Great leadership might keep our attention on the topic, but we’re still waiting for it to show up.

As a result, revolutions will likely continue until solutions are created. We could all jump in and create non-violent solutions, but without leadership and resolve, the hard choices and tough decisions will be difficult to accomplish.
How does this pertain to housing?
If physical clashes in the street are perceived as effective, we could see other oppressed groups rise up – and well they should if that is what it takes to get results.
We have witnessed how real estate is only for the affluent now, and that there isn’t much being done for those of lesser means.  We used to only put the homeless/poor people in that category, but now the middle-class and above are finding homeownership to be more unreachable every day.
Either we can create housing solutions in advance, or wait for the oppressed to rise up.
Some of the best ideas I’ve heard regarding the possible solutions for last night’s events include a Community Police-Review Board in every town in America, and independent community groups formed to encourage individual involvement in creating solutions.
Likewise, with housing, we need to get more involved as a community.  Ideas:

1. Encourage ADUs as a solution for building lower-cost housing, especially closer to urban hubs.
2. Press local governments to upzone properties/areas where higher density would be a good fit.
3. Create communities of tiny houses/manufactured homes and give occupants a stake.
4. Create places to park/live for those in cars and RVs.

The coronavirus is exposing our weaknesses.  Let’s do something good with the opportunity.
I don’t know what else I can do today besides writing this message, but I’m looking for more ways to be involved with creating solutions.  I’ll post every idea I can find on my blog, Bubbleinfo – please send along what you see….and think!
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