Our Last 25 Listings

Our Last 25 Listings

  • Jim Klinge
  • 08/1/23

Are you thinking about selling your home and are trying to identify the strategies used by listing agents to get you top dollar with minimal inconvenience?

Are you finding that agents aren’t real specific about how they do their business, and just want you to trust that because they sold houses in the past that they can do it again?


Here is our specific strategy to achieve top-dollar sales with minimal inconvenience:

1) Do a minor tune-up of the home prior to hitting the open market, 2) Price attractively, 3) Make the home easy to see via the open-house extravaganza, 4) Allow all buyers to bid it up, 5) Treat buyers and agents with respect and deliver full transparency that encourages participation.


Here are the results of our last 25 listings:


None of these were priced artificially low to generate a bidding war. When a property is ‘attractively priced’, it means the presentation is worthy and it causes buyers to want to see it in person.

I have not come across any agent who sells homes like we do, and rarely do we ever meet an agent who has any strategy about handling multiple offers. It happens all the time – a listing agent receives multiple offers and when asked how they plan to handle it they often say, “I don’t know."  or “Well we will probably counter the best 2-3 offers”.

Why eliminate any buyer? We always counter every buyer because who knows how much higher they might go when asked.


You want to sell early – during the first week on the market – when urgency is highest, and not languish for weeks or months just to take less later. In case everything goes right and multiple offers are received, you want an expert who creates a proper bidding war. In 2023, when buyers are more tempted to cancel and move on, you want your escrow handled in a way that it closes successfully, and on time.

Your eventual sales price can vary 5% to 20%, depending on your listing agent.

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